He said YES! –>>>

Ed Pratt and his world unicycling tour is featuring our surprise-music-soundtrack in his upcoming youtube videos

GREAT NEWS! ED have responded to our secret unicycle-music-surprise-music-soundtrack AND HE LOVES IT! On top of that – bombshell of good-news-ness – he also wanted to use some of our other music from our previous albums! Our very first music tailor made for a world record holder!. We are over the moon about it… to say the least…

You get to listen to all of it here:

Universal Unicycle Music by Michael Barcelona And The World

Vi have secretly made some film music for Ed Pratt and his record attempt at cycling around the world on a unicycle. Two original songs and three themes for his great cycling videos on youtube. We hope that he likes the music and wants to use it on his youtube channel. Fingers crossed! Follow Ed Pratt on youtube he is doing something amazing!


A big thanks to Morten Landau. Who has done a great job on mixing and making the music for Ed Pratt. And to Peter Bjørn and Peter Clausen for playing most excelently all the time on various bits and pieces for the this one wheeled epic soundtrack.

Give it a listen or two and help us by crossing your fingers too, that Ed likes his secret music present…

We also made a short film about the project for you to watch:

The ‘Universe Ep’ has landed!

Three years. More than 200 recording hours. 8 people. More than 200 tracks.  17 instruments + a box full of green beans and plastic potato bag. 4 voices. 6 finely tuned wine glasses made from the purest crystals. And more than 65 to-do’s. That’s what it took to mix three tracks for the Universe ep.
All to explore the deepest, most intimate and profound details of the band. And orchestrate the most complex, grandiose and fearless temps that is possible for an open band constellation. The ep is a glimpse into the supernova span within MbatW. It’s cozy and safe. Wild and dark. Grand and petite. Guided by arbitrary gut feeling and brute technical force. Like a living room within a camper van entering outer space…
We owe our complete gratitude to countless people who helped us along the way. Thanks. We are happy. Happy about the project. Happy about the sound and happy to launch a well-coordinated musical effort. We sincerely feel that we have gone beyond musical boundaries and created something unique and alien to this world of music. And with sore voices, tired ears and trembling hands we are ready to confirm that we have arrived. The new Michael Barcelona And The World Ep ‘Universe’ is here!