Ed made it back!

And was saluted with our song ‘The moon, the earth and the unicycle’. Well done Ed and thank you for making it such a great occasion for our band and our small contribution of a song! We hope to see more adventures soon 🙂

If you want to see for yourself or listen to the music. Then follow the bread crumbs below 😉

Skærmbillede 2020-04-15 kl. 22.59.04

MbatW is featured in this weeks episode of Ed Pratts World Unicycle Tour!

Just a brief recap for those of you that are new to this amazing journey:

Ed Pratt is cycling around the world to support ‘school in a bag’. We start following his journey on youtube. We really want to contribute to this quirky epic journey and help out with his channel. We do what we know best: making some songs. We secretly make two original songs and three themes for his great cycling videos on youtube.

We (litterally) send it —->

of to Ed hoping that he likes it and wants to use it on his youtube channel…

And he did!

Ed responded to our secret unicycle-music-surprise-music-soundtrack THAT HE LOVED IT! and on top of that – bombshell of good-news-ness – he also wanted to use some of our other music from our previous albums! Our very first music tailor made for a world record holder! We were over the moon about it… to say the least…

A big thanks to Morten Landau. Who has done a great job on mixing and making the music for Ed Pratt. And to Peter Bjørn and Peter Clausen (Good Evening People) for playing most excellently all the time on various bits and pieces for the this one wheeled epic soundtrack.

You can watch the episode and all of his journey right here:

… and listen to all of the tracks right here:

We also made a short film about the project for you to watch: